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What is houjicha roasted green tea powder

Houjicha powder is roasted green tea powder that tastes roasty, nutty and mildly sweet. Its color is ash brown.

You can prepare a houjicha tea by whisking the powder with water (likewise with matcha) or make it into houjicha latte by adding frothed milk. Both ways it is a highly nourishing and aromatic drink.

Our houjicha powder originates from a small farm nearby Kyoto which makes its houjicha powder only from ground leaves (no stems are used). It is pan fried and medium roasted (roasting has three levels: light, medium, high). Medium roasting means the taste is medium strong, whereby the richness and round taste is retained.

Houjicha benefits

1. Houjicha has low caffeine level and is suitable for drinking also in evening time.  The high caffeine level of green tea leaves is hit by high roasting heat. Roasting eliminates also bitterness from green tea leaves, characteristic to matcha powder.

2. According to studies made in Japan, houjicha is antioxidant rich. Among other things, it is rich in L-theanine, which supports and calms the nerve system, and polyphenols, which are natural protectors of the immune system against pathogens. The catechins in it help to reduce bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure and blood sugar as well as help to ensure faster metabolism.

How to prepare houjicha tea from powder

You can whisk a tea with hot water from houjicha (similar to matcha tea). Sieve 3 g powder into a matcha bowl, add 30 ml room temperature water and mix it into paste with bamboo whisk. Add 60 ml water (80-degrees) and whisk it into frothy tea.
Try making also a houjicha latte with frothy milk. See the recipe here.

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