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How to make matcha latte

Matcha latte pulber

Matcha latte is perhaps one of the most popular matcha drinks today outside Japan. It is the drink in which matcha powder, water and milk meet for a creamy and frothy drink.

Matcha latte for one:



  1. Sift the matcha powder into a bowl. Sifting is necessary as it helps to prevent any lumps.
  2. Add 30 ml water (80 degrees C).
  3. Mix into paste using your bamboo whisk. Take your time and make sure all powder is mixed with water.
  4. Add hot foamy milk.
  5. Add a little matcha through the sieve on top.



  1. Choose a good quality matcha powder for your latte drink. When you use the ceremony grade powder, your latte will be mostly sweet. Using matcha latte powder, the drink will be more characteristic and intense. If the matcha powder is of poor quality, the matcha flavor will be poor and the color of the drink is pale.
  2. It is easier to mix the matcha powder with a wide-bottomed bowl such as chawan.
  3. You can use regular cow milk, also oat or almond drink. For the latter, choose the barista version as only these will become really foamy and give a creamier result. Our favorite is Valio Oddlygood Barista because of its natural taste and good foam.
  4. Take a look at the video as well (Youtube):


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