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Premium matcha usucha powder 40g


Very good quality powder for making matcha tea. The color of the powder is bright green, its taste has a lot of umami and sweetness in the aftertaste. There is little bitterness and astringency in the drink. The powder has a fine texture, so it dissolves well and foams easily.

Matcha powder is made in a family company operating since 1827 in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. The blend of tea leaves has been selected by Hiroshi Kobayashi, a highly regarded tea master in Japan.

Store unopened packaging in the refrigerator, open packaging at room temperature. If you open the cup, close it as soon as possible, because oxygen will damage the properties of the matcha powder.

Read here how to make matcha tea

Ingredients: green tea (Japan)
Packaging: 40 g (metal cup)

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