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Iced houjicha latte

houjicha latte ahi v

A refreshing summer drink that tastes mild, toasty and slightly nutty. Compared to matcha, the drink has considerably less caffeine (it is also suitable for drinking in the evening). Quantities for one.

4 g of houjicha powder
50 ml of water
8-10 ice cubes
1.5 – 2 dl milk (cow’s or oat milk, e.g. Valio Oddlygood)

1. Sift the houjicha powder into a matcha bowl (or use another wide-bottomed bowl).

2. Pour room temperature water over the houjicha powder and whisk with a bamboo whisk until foamy and smooth.

3. Put ice cubes in a serving glass, pour milk on top. Pour the houjicha on top. Stir with a drinking straw, stirring gradually from the edges of the glass (the brown and white colors will gradually blend this way).


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