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Bamboo whisk “Japan”


Bamboo whisk made in Japan, approx. 150-160 branches.

The whisk has three rows of prongs, which makes whisking matcha easier and results in a noticeably airier and silkier drink. According to Japanese tea masters, the more oxygen is stirred into the drink, the milder it tastes.

The whisk is made of bamboo, which comes from the highlands of Korea. Thanks to good raw materials, the whisk’s arms are many times more durable and tough compared to, for example, a whisk made of Chinese bamboo.

Whisk dimensions: diameter (top) 60 mm x height 107 mm
Weight: 51 g

Use and care:
1. The bamboo whisk is delicate, use it only for frothing the tea drink.
2. Before use, place it in approximately 80-degree water for 10 minutes to soften the branches.
3. After use, rinse the whisk in warm water and place it in the air (do not place it on the whisk holder) to dry. Store in closed box only when completely dry. Do not wash in the dishwasher!

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