Matcha powder

We offer range of high quality matcha powders from Kyoto and its surroundings, grown and refined by small family firms. Premium matcha powder for Your best tea experience, powder for matcha latte as well as organic matcha powder. Take a look at our selection here.

Matcha bowls / chawan

Traditional matcha bowls made in Japan for Your best matcha experience. The bowls are handmade and each bowl is unique. Take a look at our selection here.

Houjicha powder

Houjicha powder is made from roasted green tea leaves that tastes nutty, roasty and mildly sweet. Our houjicha powder originates from a small family firm nearby Kyoto. Only ground leaves (no stems) are used. Take a look at our selection here.

Recipes and tutorials

Matcha powder benefits, how to whisk matcha tea like in Japan, how to prepare houjicha latte and other tutorials, please click here