How to make matcha tea

Step-by-step guide to make your usucha matcha tea as tasty and aromatic as possible. We highly recommend to use premium quality matcha powder for your matcha tea.        
1. Pour 90-95 degrees C water into your matcha bowl. Let the water warm the chawan for about 5 minutes.
2. Pour the water off and dry the bowl inside. The bowl is hot and ready for matcha powder. 
 3. Put on sieve 2-2.5g matcha powder and sieve* into bowl. The powder will turn itself really aromatic inside the warm bowl.  
*Sieving is very important for the powder to be as smooth as possible. It will then be free of lumps and it will then dissolve in water more easily.

4. Add 25-30 ml room temperature (ca 25 degrees C) water. Prefer soft bottle water to rough tap water.   
5. Make rounds with your bamboo whisk to make a smooth paste.  
6. Add 60 ml 80 degrees C water and whisk intensively making W shape motions so that the powder will be as frothy and airy as possible. Do not touch the bottom of the bowl with your whisk.
 7. Your matcha usucha is ready. Enjoy the moment. 

Matchamurai usucha matcha powder  

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