Hot houjicha latte recipe

Wholesome, warming, toasty and sweet - this is how a hot houjicha latte tastes like.
For one person:
  • 4 g houjicha powder
  • 30 ml room temperature water 
  • 1.5 dl hot barista oat milk (or any other milk)
How to make:

1. Sieve the powder into your matcha bowl. Sieving is important to get rid of lumps and for the powder to dissolve more easily.
2. Add water. Use room temperature water as the drink will be sweeter and finer. You can also use 80-degrees water – the drink will have more aroma but the taste will be stronger and more rough. Test both alternatives and pick your favourite.
3. Mix with bamboo whisk to dissolve the powder. Add a little hot milk (2-3 tbsp) and whisk a little. 
4. Froth the rest of hot milk (80-degrees) with your bamboo whisk and pour into the drink.
5. Sieve a little houjicha powder on top.


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