Bamboo whisk Japan

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High quality bamboo whisk handcrafted in Japan. It has three rows of prongs (instead of usual one or two), altogether between 150-160 prongs. It is much easier to whisk a smooth and frothy tea with this number and allocation of prongs. Japanese tea masters say your matcha is more sweet and mild when more oxygen has been whisked into it.   

The whisk is made of ash bamboo that comes from Korean highlands area. Thanks to good raw material, the whisk is much more long-lasting.     

Size: diameter (from top) 60 mm x height 107 mm
Weight: 51 g

Please note: 
1. Bamboo whisk is gentle, use it only for your matcha tea. 
2. Before start to use it, you need to soften the prongs. Leave the whisk into hot, 80-degrees water for 10 minutes. 
3. After whisking, rinse it in warm water and leave it dry into open air. Do not use the whisk holder or put it into box, it may generate mold. Do not wash it in the dishwasher machine.

Out of stock